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This is a dynamically developing company and positioning itself as a system integrator, which successfully manages its activities within the framework of various IT projects in Ukraine.

BMS TECHNO is implementing various projects in the field of information technologies

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about us

BMS TEHNO, a Ukrainian private enterprise, was founded in January 1995. The main activities of the company at that time were the provision of services for the repair and maintenance of various types of equipment and the implementation of trade operations.

Subsequently, the company restructured its activities, focusing on the development of system integration and the supply of a wide range of IT equipment and software

To date, BMS TEHNO is a company that positions itself in the Ukrainian market as a system integrator, which successfully manages its activities in the development, implementation and maintenance of high-tech IT systems of any scale.

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BMS TECHNO Company performs various projects in the field of information technologies, in particular: implementation of projects of special and specialized purpose of different level of technical complexity, for the needs of educational institutions of Ukraine of any type (pre-school, general secondary, vocational, higher)

For the needs of specialists of the TV and radio industry, the company offers services for the supply of equipment of professional level and creation of television hardware-studio complexes, for libraries we offer modern software-hardware complexes with equipment of local networks, installation of appropriate software, and all necessary complex of commissioning and maintenance works.

The project is the conversion of secondary schools in the Republic of Georgia
Equipment for modernization of data storage system DP National information systems
Software and hardware complex of the National Educational Electronic Platform
Purchase of equipment for DP
Equipping general secondary education institutions in the Zakarpats`kiy region
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Providing innovative products and promote the principles of sustainable development - two indispensable elements of our strategy. Our partners and suppliers play a key role in both processes. In our search for new ideas and in pursuit of their successful implementation, we constantly go beyond the immediate limits of the company and find strategic partners with a wide range of target groups.

Adobe Systems
APC by Schneider Electric
Panda Security
Our partners

technical support

Service and technical support of all BMS TECHNO projects is carried out through an extensive network of service partners of the company in all regions of Ukraine.


As a result, customer response time is reduced to a minimum, regardless of its geographical location. Maintenance of software and hardware is carried out in accordance with the accompanying documentation and applicable regulatory documents.


Installation and adjustment of the software, unless the conditions of the license of the respective software indicate otherwise, is carried out by employees of the educational institution.

The responsibility for compliance with the software license agreements rests with the administration of the institution.


You can get help using your equipment, troubleshooting, or order a warranty service by contacting our service center by phone in Kiev on weekdays.


Our Service Desk system will help you to report technical problems at any time that is convenient for you. Access to the Service Desk system will allow you to use the knowledge base and solve complex problems yourself.

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methodical support

In today's educational space, it is impossible for teachers to work the old way. BMS TECHNO specialists are constantly developing teaching materials in the field of ICT and creating all the conditions for self-improvement of teachers working with the equipment supplied by "BMS TECHNO". We develop guidelines, conduct seminars, scientific and practical conferences, webinars, train teachers to work with the latest equipment, without which the modern educational process is impossible. Such methodological measures are necessary for the growth of professional skills of both young educators and experienced. Bms techno specialists are constantly developing ICT training materials

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regulatory framework

The technical characteristics of multimedia and computer equipment, materials and equipment offered by BMS Techno Company are in full compliance with the Laws of Ukraine and the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, such as: Law on Education, Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №537, Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1021 and others.


The products have certificates of quality and sanitary and hygienic conclusions.

all regulatory framework


Regional Service Center

Volyn region Volyn region 43010 Lutsk, Kyiv Square, 7
Chernivetsʹka oblastʹ 19/5000 Chernivtsi region Chernivetsʹka oblastʹ 19/5000 Chernivtsi region Chernivtsi, st. Komarov b.30, of. 60
Lviv region Lviv region 79019 Lviv, Teslenka Street 4
Vinnytsia region Vinnytsia region Vinnytsia, vul. Kyivska, 14 B.
Zhytomyr region Zhytomyr region Zhytomyr, Mykola Lysenka St. 6, of. 1a
+380672854068; +380505255100, +380731405793
Rivne region Rivne region 33022, Rivne, 3, Lyonokombinatskaya str
+380362680564; +380362246470; +380362246039
Ternopil region Ternopil region 46008, Ternopil, st. Tantsorova 22
Khmelnytsky region Khmelnytsky region 29000, Khmelnytskyi m. Youth, 7
Cherkasy region Cherkasy region Cherkasy, str. B. Khmelnitsky, 52
Kirovograd region Kirovograd region 25006; m Kropyvnytskyi, Vinnychenko avenue 4
Poltava region Poltava region 36039, Poltava, st. Simona Petliuri 45, of. 120
Chernihiv region Chernihiv region Chernihiv. 112a Shevchenko St.
Dnipropetrovsk region Dnipropetrovsk region 49101, Dnipro, vul. B. Khmelnitsky, 14A office 8
Zaporozhye region Zaporozhye region 69035 Zaporizhzhia, vul. Pivdennourkrainska, 9
Donetsk region Donetsk region 84313, Kramatorsk, vul. Academichna, bud. 70 CC «CiTi»
+380503474519; +380676194011
Lugansk region Lugansk region 93404, Luransk Region, Severodonetsk, pr. Central, 24
+ 380503480843
Sumy region Sumy region 40000 m. Sumy, vul. O. Anishchenko, 11 \ 1
Kharkiv region Kharkiv region 61002, Kharkiv, vul. Svobody, 36
Mykolaiv region Mykolaiv region 54030, Mykolaiv, vul. Pushkinskaya, 17 office 208
Odessa region Odessa region 65107, Odessa, vul. Pirogovskaya, 21
Kherson region Kherson region 73000, Kherson, str. January 9 6.22
Zakarpattia region Zakarpattia region Uzhhorod, str. Kapushanskaya 6v
Ivano-Frankivsk region Ivano-Frankivsk region Ivano-Frankivsk, st. Chornovil, 7

BMS TECHNO, Limited Liability Company

st. 6a Larissa Rudenko, Kyiv, 02141, Ukraine +38 (044) 585-59-75 /
Fax: +38 (044) 585-59-76

BMS TECHNO Central Service Center

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